Our platform aims to make business better. How? We’ve created a real channel to provide your honest feedback directly to the businesses you interact with in an anonymous, direct and effortless way.




Did you want to find out more about how we can help your business?

improve your world.



By using our platform as a customer, you are now empowered to your honest feedback on how businesses you frequent can improve without the concerns of leaving a negative public review.

As a business owner, you can now have the luxury of directly understanding what your customer wants, instantly. This maximises the chances of running your business in the absolute best way possible.



Whether it's your local cafe, gym or any other business that you interact with on a daily basis, why not have your say and add your feedback, instantly and anonymously.

earn rewards. Today.

By leaving your feedback, you will be eligible for rewards from participating venues. Improve the venues you frequent and get free goodies? Sounds like a perfect combination. Contact us today to find out more about our reward program.  

anonymous. always.

We believe maintaining your anonymity is super important to make a channel that creates real and honest feedback. However, if you wish to get notified about your suggested improvement, this is also possibility. Improve your world, your way.

Did you want to find out more about how we can help your business?

Adrian M.

This platform has worked wonders for our business. We weren’t initially sure as to what kind of feedback we would receive, however it has made us aware of issues as soon as they occur. This has honestly given us as business owners, tremendous peace of mind and made our staff much more diligent.

Tiffany S.

We signed up to IMPROOV as we thought it may be a good way to see if our menu was catering for all of the different types of folks coming into our café. We’ve had 7 suggestions that have come through the app within the first month and they have been super popular with our crowd. 

Pauly G.

As an owner of a small gym, I'm always wondering how we could be better. Now our members feel comfortable actually telling me what we could fix and where we can improve. It's been so easy, and given me confidence that we are creating an environment our members will continue to love.




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